Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break is almost here.

Spring Break is upon us and I am excited to have a week off!  This semester has been hectic and hard working for the Missourian and also having classes and other obligations.  I am working over break decorating cakes and on Thursday I will go up to see Erich.  I am excited to see him.  I miss him terribly when I'm here at school.  I have lots of photo stuff to complete too.  Photo class and the Missourian take up huge amounts of my time  I feel like I am constantly going and never have time to do anything.  Tonight I am working my final GA shift of the month from 6-10 pm so I am hoping to get a lot of catch-up work done.
My most recent article was on Emily Younghouse whose mother is battling cancer.  I was really excited to do her story and her family has been wonderful.  She was excited about the story too which made the story turn out better.  I bought copies of the Sunday paper yesterday because that was the day my story was in the paper.  I looked at the sports section and there was a big 12 story from basketball and i was getting ready to turn to the inside pages to find my story but my story was on the front page along with the big 12 stuff.  It was the only other article on the page so that made me super excited.   Here is a link to my article .