Wednesday, March 31, 2010

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 25

Today after dinner I asked my parents if we could drive to a few local cemeteries. I heard that one local cemetery had "died, kicked by a mule" written on the headstone and so I was in search for that but never found it. I also wanted to go see my aunt and grandpa at another cemetery just a few minutes from my house. We stopped and I found a lot of interesting stones, names and items placed on the stones.

I just liked the name on this headstone.

This is my Grandma Lefholz's parents.
This is an interesting story. From what I've heard, the family used to be able to walk into this and see their relatives but vandals broke in and they had to close off the entrance to everyone. I'm sure there is more details to this but I haven't discovered them yet. I just thought it was cool how it was in the side of a hill.

I'm not really sure what or who this is for but found it interesting. My dad thought it might be a memorial for people who were killed on some ship. (Sorry I don't know the name or any more details.)

I found this to be moving for me. It almost made me cry when taking a photo of it. I haven't seen anything like this at a cemetery before and I've been to plenty of cemeteries lately.

This is just another last name I liked.

This is my Grandpa Lefholz's parents.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 24

I realized I haven't posted everyday. I've been taking photos but most of them were of the cemetery and well I don't want a bunch of posts with cemetery photos so I haven't posted them. This evening I was sitting eating an ice cream cone and of course my dogs were right at my feet. I miss my dogs terribly when I'm at school so I'm excited to have them around when I come home. The photo I chose is of my dog, Louie.

Monday, March 29, 2010

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 22

I spent about five or so hours yesterday at the U-City Firehouse. I spent some time with them back in January and really enjoyed this group of guys so I decided to make a trip back over spring break. Although they didn't get any calls this time either, (they had a five alarm fire the night before but of course I wasn't there) we all had fun playing in a game of monopoly. I had taken over for someone and thought I was set to win but I came in second :( It was still a great time and was happy I got to take some photos of the guys this time around.
Here are just a few selects that I chose to post from the monopoly game.
Choosing their piece
Kris and Dave
Kris ended up landing on the income tax quite often and I usually landed on free parking so it was nice to get all his income tax payments. :)
Here was my pile of money that I had going. Unfortunately it disappeared quite quickly after I took this photo.
Here was the pile of money Kris had at the end. (he won btw)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missouri State Penitentiary Tour

My friends Andrea and Tim joined me for a tour of the Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP) today. I was really looking forward to this. I like this weird/creepy stuff. ( I mean after all I am doing a project on a cemetery so it shouldn't surprise you that I wanted to go on this tour :) It was a two hour tour that covered a lot of interesting history of the MSP as well as famous inmates who served time here.
A hallway in the MSP.
This as well as a few others in this post were taken in the oldest part of the MSP.

A cell in the MSP.

I am afraid of heights but just had to go up to the fourth level and take some photos.

The gas chamber.

Sitting in one of the chairs in the gas chamber.

Tim and I sitting in the chairs in the gas chamber.

Monday, March 22, 2010

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 16

Calin was trying to find the basketball game on television on Saturday and he finally spotted me taking photos.

Jason came prepared with plenty of snacks while watching the basketball game in the newsroom.

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 13

Some of the contents of Laura's purse. She was searching for her usb to show photos in class.

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 12

For Tim's EPJ project, he took video of him shaving his head. Here he is showing me the video while watching it again himself.


I've been working on my project at the Columbia Cemetery and in the process I think I've managed to tick off a few squirrels. Here are a few of my photos...Enjoy!

Monday, March 15, 2010

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 11/broadway project photos

I walked around the cemetery for about 45 minutes today while I had a break. I took a longer lens with me. I was hoping some people would be out but no such luck in that area. I was able to walk about half the cemetery just looking for neat stones, unique names, something different I guess. I don' t think I'll use any of these photos but just thought I would post some anyway. I did happen to see a headstone that had stones on top of it like we talked about in Picture Story today. I found that interesting and snapped a quick photo to post.
This is the headstone I found that had the rocks placed on it. As people visit, they place rocks on the headstone. As I understand this is Jewish tradition from our discussion in Picture Story today.

The cemetery is right next to Grant Elementary School and while I was walking, the kids were on the playground playing.

I love squirrels. I was happy I had a longer lens with me today so I could snap a picture of one. This one spotted me as he was sitting on top of a headstone.

And he spotted me again taking his picture, this time in a tree nearby.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 10/broadway project photos

Today, I decided to go work a bit on our class documentary project on Broadway. As some of you know I am covering the Columbia Cemetery. I knew they might be doing some work since there were two funerals today and I showed up at just the right time. I drove around and found Tanja working at one of the graves. I got out and snapped a few photos and talked to her. Her husband, Alan, was off getting some more fill dirt for the graves. I was excited to get to photograph this because I feel like this is something that people often don't get to see.

Tanja waits as her husband, Alan adds more fill dirt to top off the grave.

Tanja walks beside her husband as they head to the next task.

Alan lifts the plywood off the ground to make way for the dirt to come in.

Alan reaches down and adjusts the casket to make it straighter.

Tanja watches as her husband adds dirt to the grave.

Tanja works on evening out the dirt.

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 9

Jessica waiting for the equipment window to open.

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 8

Tim was in the lab working on fixing something on one of his older cameras so I decided to snap a photo. He looks so focused on fixing his camera in this photo.

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 7

My parents and my aunt came to visit me today. I haven't been able to make it home at all this semester because I've been so busy with school work. My mom brought up some of my favorite things from home including vess soda. I love vess soda because it is cheap and tastes good too. I was so excited to get this, the cookies, malted milk balls, and pez candy from her.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 6

Today I went to the Columbia Cemetery again to talk about my project with the people who run the cemetery. I did have success in my talking and got lots of good information from Tanja Patton about regular people who visit there which was very helpful. Grant Elementary's gym class often uses the cemetery as their "track" so I'm excited to get photos of the kids running in the cemetery. I plan to spend a lot of time here just parking and walking the cemetery grounds looking for neat/old graves, people walking, visiting, grounds work etc. I did see a recent grave that had some St. Pat's balloons and a photo placed with it. Tanja had told me that the family had recently placed these items there so I snapped a photo. There's just something about cemeteries that I love so much. I love seeing what people place at their loved one's graves. It can let you into a bit of what the person might have been like or how important they meant to everyone. I hope to post more photos within the coming days as I visit the cemetery and will post them.

30 pictures in 30 days take two-day 5

I was sitting down in the photo lab waiting for my assignment when I took this photo. Rita's capstone class had part of their character profile due the next day. Rita was helping Charles with his edit in this photo.

More Deer Classic Photos

I thought I would most some more photos from the Missouri Deer Classic that I took this past weekend. Enjoy!