Monday, December 7, 2009

Project Presentation on Officer Frey in EPJ

Today I presented part of my project on Officer Frey. I had just two little parts done for it. The first part talks about the explosives and the second part is about the search at the football stadium. They are right after each other in this presentation but they won't be like that in the final project. I also don't have ambient audio of Enzo and Officer Frey yet. I have some but I am getting more later this week.

Here is the link to the project so far. Not even near completion yet but this isn't a bad start.

Enjoy and leave comments on what you think!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Final EPJ Project Update

My final project with the MUPD k-9 officer is almost finished. I have to present what I have so far on Monday in class and get feedback from my fellow classmates. I am meeting today with Officer Frey to take photos and get audio of a demonstration/ q&a thing he is doing with Enzo for figs. I was excited that he was doing this because if it turns out good, it is going to be my second chapter for my project. I am meeting with him Friday to get some portrait shots. I am enjoying working on this project a lot and glad I chose to do my project on a k-9 officer. I have most of my photos picked out that I want to use and have to still go through the audio and get some of that organized. I'm hoping today will provide good audio and I also want to try and incorporate some of that too.