Monday, April 12, 2010

Boone Life

My Boone Life runs this week in the Columbia Missourian. I originally found the Basye family by inquiring about photographing alpacas. Teresa Basye has around 50 alpacas and I made a visit out there to photograph. She had told me her son had autism and I decided to go back for my one day story for my picture story class. I've really liked working with the family and I like the subject of autism so I wanted to continue with the story which later developed into my Boone Life. I can't thank the Basye family enough for letting me come out and be part of their lives. I've enjoyed getting to know them and hope to continue work with them in the future. They have been great subjects to work with! :)

Autism Boone Life (click and it will take you to the piece)

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